Microsoft are constantly updating their platforms to meet user needs. This is great news for you and your customers – but when you’ve got a business to run, it can feel difficult to keep up. That’s why we run three programmes full of unique insights – so you can keep track of the most important changes, and add maximum value for your customers.

Take a look at each of the programmes below.

All about Azure

Your guide to everything that’s new with Microsoft’s cloud platform, delivered in eBook and webinar format. All about Azure is packed full of updates and insights – giving you new ways to support your customers, and new ways to grow your business. We strive to make the complicated, simple, so you can make the most of every single new feature.

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Deciphering Dynamics

The capabilities of Microsoft Dynamics 365 are growing all the time. And those who can keep up will give themselves a significant business advantage. With expert insight and news, you’ll stay up-to-date with all the latest Dynamics developments – giving you the understanding you need to sellthe platform to new customers.

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The Modern Workplace

Your customers rely on workplace technology to drive productivity and fulfil their business potential. So if you can stay on the cutting-edge of every development in this area, they’ll rely on you too. Our Modern Workplace webinars examine all the latest business tools, features and platforms – so you can help your customers make the most of every working day.

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